Apple Plum Cake with Poppy Seeds (Recipe Testing)

dsc04226bHello my dears!

Today, I would like to show you my Mum’s birthday cake. This year, we decided to go for autumnal flavours, inspired by the beautiful way autumn presented itself last week!


So, when I stumbled across these fantastic pictures on the blog Emma’s Lieblingsstücke, showing a beautiful cake with apples, plums and poppy seeds, I knew that I had to try it!


First of all: I can absolutely recommend the recipe (which you can find here)! The changes I’ve made were only very sublte – I substituted some of the mascarpone and cream quark with yoghurt to make it a bit lighter and I used slightly less flour for the sponge.



The result was a wonderful cake – my Mum and also our guests loved it! The flavours were in perfect harmony, we were really happy about it!


Don’t hestitate to try this recipe yourselves!

Much love (and best wishes from Dobby),


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