Harry Potter Sugar Cookies (Collaboration with ‘Kathrin’s Cup of Tea’)

Selection of our Harry Potter Cookies

Selection of our Harry Potter Cookies

Selfie with my DSLR 😉

Saying goodbye to dear friends is never easy – but at least Kathrin (from Kathrin’s Cup of Tea) and I had a wonderful baking time before it came to that. A bit more than a week ago, she left Switzerland for a a semester at the University of Manchester…and we had absolutely wanted to bake together before she left!

So, together, we made these adorable (if not necessarily perfect) Harry Potter Cookies and Orange-Chocolate-Macarons, which we will show you in the next post.

SONY DSCYou can find the recipe for the sugar cookies and Royal Icing here. As a little twist (and to match our lovely macarons) we added a bit of orange zest and juice (only a few drops) to the dough and also to the icing.

The decoration of the cookies is pretty straight-forward. As we could not find all the cookie cutters we would have liked, we drew some of the shapes ourselves. We then simply laid them on the rolled dough and cut the shapes with a knife.

We collected our “extra-shapes” and made a nice little printable for you:Harry Potter Cookies Printable

You can download as a pdf right here:

Harry Potter Cookies Printable

We wish you loads of fun when making these cookies – and stay tuned for the macarons post!

very tired after nearly 6 hours of baking - but so happy and proud :)

very tired after nearly 6 hours of baking – but so happy and proud 🙂

All the best,

Bettina & Kathrin.


Stracciatella Ice Cream (the very BEST!)

It was a fantastic summer! Hot days and warm evenings with plenty of swims and ice cream to cool down. When I look out of my window right now, I could almost get a bit nostalgic. Only yesterday it was about 30°C hot and sunny. We seemed to be in mid-summer – and now: rain, rain, rain and it feels as though summer had disappeared in the blik of an eye and would not return.

As some sort of last tribute to this wonderful season, let me present you my absolutely favourite ice cream of the summer: Stracciatella Ice Cream! The secret lies in the chocolate which is not chopped but added in a melted state to the cooling ice cream. SO good!

The good thing is, they can take away our beloved summer – but never our ice cream!

Happy non-baking,



Stracciatella Ice Cream (the very BEST!)

Serves 8
Preparation time: 20 min
Total time: 30-40 min (with an ice cream machine)


  • 2 cups milk
  • ¾ cup white sugar
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 4 (fresh) egg yolks
  • 1 cup cream
  • 120g dark, bittersweet chocolate


  1. Whisk the egg yolks in a bowl.
  2. Put milk, sugar and vanilla bean (scratched out) into a pot and bring to the boil. Let it cool down for a bit, then, pour it carefully into the egg yolk mixture (while whisking). Put the mixture on a bain-marie or (carefully!) back into the pot and heat again until the mixture thickens.
  3. Put the cream into a big bowl. Sieve the milk mixture into that bowl and whisk to combine.
  4. Put the ice cream mixture into the fridge and let it cool down.
  5. Put the raspberry ice cream mixture into the ice cream maker and freeze it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Shortly before the ice cream is done with churning, add the melted chocolate slowly (in a thin spurt) to the still cooling mixture. That will give you the perfect Stracciatella chocolate chips.
  6. For a soft texture consume right now, for a firmer texture place it into a container and put it into the freezer as long as you like.

(recipe after Phil Torre from „http://italianchef.com/“)


To get a printed version:
Download the pdf. (Both English and German versions available!)

Stracciatella Ice Cream