Leopard Bread (Recipe Testing)

DSC01238blogHello my dears!

Last Sunday, I finally found some time to bake – and as I had seen this absolutely amazing bread idea on “Lisbeths“, I decided to give it a try.DSC01223bDSC01225blog

Everythink worked perfectly, the dough rised wonderfully and I was super happy after we had revealed the secret inside.DSC01230b

DSC01231blogI can only recommend you this recipe – the Leopard Bread isΒ an eyecatcher and still not too difficult or complex.DSC01228blogDSC01261blog

Here you can see how the Leopard bread is “constructed”. For further informations and the entire recipe check out the original recipe right here.DSC01192blogDSC01201blogDSC01204blogDSC01210blogDSC01211blog

What more can I say then “meow” and enjoy this wonderful season with all the beauty nature has currently in store for us!DSC01249b

DSC01267bMuch love,



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