Who’s baking?

DSC00264insta1My name is Bettina, I’m 23 years old and I live in Switzerland.

When I don’t bake I study history, film studies and English literature (Master of Arts) at the University of Zurich. Besides that I love music (especially playing the cello and singing), sewing, ballet dancing, horse riding and both watching and making movies – anything which allows me to be creative, really!

Oh, and, of course I love my seven guinea pigs – especially my little cutie Dobby which you can see on that picture with me.

DSC04842b.jpgWhen it comes to baking I love everything that involves berries and fruit in general. I like desserts which are not too heavy and still truly delicious!

Anything else you need to know about me? Oh, yes, I’m still waiting for either
a) my Hogwarts letter (which obviously got lost somehow) to arrive
b) to find out I’m a princess, really. That’s all. =)

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and I wish you loads of fun with it!


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