Tasted: Of Rabbits and Strawberry-Rhubarb Delicacies

SONY DSCToday I present you a new category on my blog which is called “Tasted”. Here I am going to show you food that is not of my own creation and I shall inspire (and tease) you with pictures of beautiful things I’ll come across in my culinary life. (Therefore I can of course not include a recipe of the shown delicacies.)SONY DSCLet me present you a lovely “Spitzbueb” (a Swiss cookie): a rabbit – isn’t it cute? Oh, I love rabbit shaped desserts right now (because rabbit = Easter = holidays – logical, ins’t it. 😉 ).SONY DSC

And on the the confectioners’ sugar trace of the rabbit a slice (or rather dice) of an aboslutely DELICIOUS strawberry-rhubarb-cake as on my first picture – this is dessert heaven. ❤