Rhubarb Strawberry Rolls (Recipe Testing) – Happy Easter!

I hope you are spending these lovely days with your family, friends and a lot of good food!To today’s traditional family brunch I brought these absolutely lovely Rhubarb Strawberry Rolls. The recipe is from “Das Knusperst├╝bchen” and you can find it right here!Believe me, this wonderful recipe will give you moist, fruity and fluffy rolls. The flavour of the rhubarb (from my organic garden) and the strawberries is simply amazing!. ­čÖéGo and check it out – and enjoy these holidays!

Best wishes,


Chocolate Pudding with Raspberry-Cream (Recipe Testing)


Sometimes I crave a wonderful easy dessert, even though I don’t really have the time to make one. Have ever experienced this, too? Well, if you have, then this is a perfect recipe for you!


It is super easy and quick to make and it only requires a handful of basic ingredients (no eggs!). The most important thing, though, is its fabulous taste: wonderfully chocolately with a small fruity twist.


You can find the recipe on the wonderful blog “Ofenliebe” right here. Go and check it out!


It’s simply perfect to enjoy a “glass of pudding” while sitting in the garden and watching the plants come to live again…I really adore spring!DSC06041bDSC05862b

I wish you all lovely rest of the weekend and a good start into a hopefully wonderful week.

Best wishes,


Apple Rose Tarte (Recipe Testing)

dsc05595bHello my dears!

Today, I want to show you this lovely tarte I made yesterday! Isn’t it gorgeous? I never belived it might turn out this nice, when I saw a picture from Caketime by Tamaris on Instagram.dsc05608bdsc05633bI looked up the recipe and saw that is was actually quite simply and straight-forward! So, I decided to give it a try.dsc05587bdsc05609bThe result really blew me away! The combination of the tarte’s spectacularly beautiful look and its traditional, wonderful flavour is soooo cool! The crust turned out crisp and wonderfully buttery, the filling delicate and not too sweet and the apples – well, I love roses, what can I say! I have many roses in my organic garden in summer, such as this one here…dsc02440blog…which makes this tarte look and taste like a promise for spring and summer.dsc05568bdsc05636bdsc05596bGo ahead and try this recipe yourselves – it needs a bit of time, but it is totally worth it! The recipe can be found here! And in the following you can see how I made my version:

dsc05526bdsc05529bdsc05521bdsc05534bdsc05530bdsc05541bdsc05555bI hope you’ll like this tarte as much as I did!

Best wishes,


Apple Plum Cake with Poppy Seeds (Recipe Testing)

dsc04226bHello my dears!

Today, I would like to show you my Mum’s birthday cake. This year, we decided to go for autumnal flavours, inspired by the beautiful way autumn presented itself last week!


So, when I stumbled across these fantastic┬ápictures on the blog Emma’s Lieblingsst├╝cke, showing a beautiful cake with apples, plums and poppy seeds, I knew that I had to try it!


First of all: I can absolutely recommend the recipe (which you can find here)! The changes I’ve made were only very sublte – I substituted some of the mascarpone and cream quark with yoghurt to make it a bit lighter and I used slightly less flour for the sponge.



The result was a wonderful cake – my Mum and also our guests loved it! The flavours were in perfect harmony, we were really happy about it!


Don’t hestitate to try this recipe yourselves!

Much love (and best wishes from Dobby),


Sweet Chestnut Chocolate Tarte with Spices (Recipe Testing)

dsc04123bHello everyone!

I’m back – and I’m bringing a wonderfully chocolately and perfectly delicious tarte along with me. And the best thing is: there are chestnuts in it!dsc04103bAutumn has definitely come (only look at this picture my Dad took out of our window yesterday!) and for me, an autumn without sweet chestnuts is unimaginable – I love both their wonderful flavour and texture. Luckily, Sarah from “Hidden Sweet Treats” managed to transfer both into her lovely little tartes.dsc04114bI love the combination of chocolate, spices (cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla) and chestnuts – they’re in perfect harmony. The tartes’ texture is soft, the sort of “melting-in-your-mouth” everyone must love. And sometimes, you find a small piece of crumbly chestnut in it – this is really as good as it can get.dsc04131bThe tartes are very rich and best enjoyed in small bits – for example alongside a hot Cappuccino with Baileys (as I love it).dsc04125b

Check out Sarah’s recipe and her absolutely gorgeous blog right here.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,



Nutella Cupcakes – Hopp Schwiiz! (Recipe Testing)

DSC02608b.jpgThis evening, Switzerland will play against France – I can’t wait to see the match! And, of course, I hope that they play well. They almost have to, now that I made these wonderful “Hopp-Schwiiz”-Nutella-Cupcakes!

“Hopp Schwiiz” means “Go, Switzerland!” in Swiss German. According to this motto, I have cute football cupcake liners…DSC02611insta.jpg… and a lovely floral decoration with roses from our organic garden.DSC02615insta

But now, let’s take a look at the “star” on my table: the Nutella Cupcakes! I tested a recipe from Das Knusperst├╝bchen and I am simply delighted! The dough is super soft and fluffy, really perfect. You can find┬áSarah’s recipe here. The only thing I changed is the frosting: Instead of cream cheese and cream I chose mascarpone and mixed it with Nutella and powdered sugar. (Make sure to let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour before you pipe it on.) Believe me, it is soooo good!


On that note: HOPP SCHWIIZ and enjoy the European Championship!

Best wishes,



Leopard Bread (Recipe Testing)

DSC01238blogHello my dears!

Last Sunday, I finally found some time to bake – and as I had seen this absolutely amazing bread idea on “Lisbeths“, I decided to give it a try.DSC01223bDSC01225blog

Everythink worked perfectly, the dough rised wonderfully and I was super happy after we had revealed the secret inside.DSC01230b

DSC01231blogI can only recommend you this recipe – the Leopard Bread is┬áan eyecatcher and still not too difficult or complex.DSC01228blogDSC01261blog

Here you can see how the Leopard bread is “constructed”. For further informations and the entire recipe check out the original recipe right here.DSC01192blogDSC01201blogDSC01204blogDSC01210blogDSC01211blog

What more can I say then “meow” and enjoy this wonderful season with all the beauty nature has currently in store for us!DSC01249b

DSC01267bMuch love,