Betty’s Recipes Baked By You

If you have tried one of my recipes and would like to show me and the world what you’ve created, don’t hesitate and send me a picture of your result (or comment right here)!

Deborah made Hagrid’s Rock Cakes – Don’t they look tasty? Ohhh, I’d like one right now! (12.02.2017)


Patrizia baked my Swiss Hefezopf – and she did a great job at plaiting! (15.02.2015)

Zopf baked by Patrizia

Hagrid’s Rock Cakes even made it into Lucia’s recipe book! =) So lovely!

IMG-20150122-WA0005 IMG-20150122-WA0002 IMG-20150122-WA0004

Lucia baked my “Hearts on Fire” in her own vegan variation – the pictures look so good and she said that they tasted great, too! (03.12.2014)

IMG_5392 IMG_5393


Here’s how she substituted some of the ingredients:


– 300g vegetable margarine (instead of 300g butter)

– 2 tbsp. soy flour and 100ml water (instead of 2 eggs)

– 4 EL soy milk (instead of cow’s milk)

– dark chocolate couverture without milk (instead of with milk)

She also wrote a very nice comment:

“Hi everyone 🙂 I am a huge fan of Bettina’s baking blog and am always looking forward to the next yummi post. Two months ago Idecided to start a vegan diet. I actually don’t like the word “diet”, because it is always associated with loosing weight. That’s not the purpose. I want to live without causing animal suffering and I have to say, it is so much easier, than many people think. Not using milk and eggs, especially when baking, might seem impossible. To show you, how you can easily substitute animal products I made a vegan version of an earlier post “Hearts on Fire”. Instead of butter, milk and eggs I used margarine, soy milk and soy flour. You can get these ingredients in your local supermarket and health shop/ organic shop.”

Thank you, Lucia, for your contribution! =)

Cookie Monster Muffins
some cute Cookie Monster-Muffins – baked by Magdalena (19.10.2014)


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