Recipe Testing: Puff Pastry Cushions with Almond Flakes from “Lisbeths”

_DSC6912blog.jpgSometimes, I feel like I want to start baking at once and have my dessert 20 minutes later. No long shopping list, no complicated techniques, no fuss. Just plain good stuff. I want it, I get it.

That exactly what it was like yesterday afternoon when I saw a blog post by Lisbeths suggesting these wonderfully crisp and fluffy Puff Pastry Cushions.

I ran to the fridge to check whether I still had some puff pastry – and started baking only shortly afterwards. All you need is: puff pastry, 1 egg white, a bit of jam, coarse sugar (I used Muscovado sugar, as it is my favourite) and almond flakes.

_DSC6879blog.jpgYou cut rectangles, brush them with the egg white (I mixed it with a bit of quince jam, which I can only recommend) and cover them with almond flakes and sugar. Try not to put anything on the edges in oder to allow the cushions their perfect rise.



_DSC6899blog.jpgIf you need more detailed instructions check out Lisbeth’s recipe right here.

I wish happy and speedy baking!




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