Sugar Cookies Bunnies – Happy Easter!


Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are spending these days with your lovely families and/or friends and a lot of good food. I definitely am! Furthermore, I am really enjoying the way my organic garden starts coming to life again…it’s sooo beautiful!



DSC00937bSo here comes my Easter post – this year I suggest some really cute Sugar Cookies Bunnies decorated with royal icing.SONY DSC

The way I decorated the cookies is simple: First, I drew a white outline, then I flooded the cookies and at the end I added the pink tail and ears. When the icing had completely dried, I drew the eyes and whiskers with an edible ink pen I got as a gift from lovely Kathrin from Kathrin’s Cup of Tea.


You can find all instructions on how to bake the Sugar Cookies and how to work with Royal Icing right here.


SONY DSCHave fun and enjoy these wonderful days! 🙂

Bettina.SONY DSC


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