New Handmade Vintage Apron

DSC00264insta1.jpgHello everyone – long time no see! As you may know if you have been following me on Instagram, it is not that I haven’t baked. I just had no time whatsoever to write any recipes for you.DSC00237b.jpg

I still don’t have that time: next week is exam week at the University, thankfully with only one exam for me. Still, I absolutely HAD to show you this wonderfully Christmassy and beautiful Vintage Apron which arrived the day before yesterday from New York. There it was handmade by MamaMadison (you can find her Etsy-shop here: I found her on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her adorable aprons. Oh, I’m so happy to have my very own now!DSC00239insta5.jpg

Soon, I’ll be back with some Christmas recipes!

Much love,


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