Blue “Baisers” (Kisses) of Summer

SONY DSC“Baiser” (kiss en français) is a term often used for meringues around where I live. And these wonderful little blue-white-striped meringues are real kisses of summer! Their colour reminds me of the sea I saw (and bathed in) in Italy last year…Their size is perfect to use them as little Snacks. Nowadays I bake meringues quite often because I need egg yolks for most of my ice creams and I can use the spare egg whites for lovely little meringues!My really fool-proof recipe for meringues can be found right here. If you want to make these summer kisses you simple choose a round nozzle instead of a star-shaped one and apply food colouring in stripes on the inside of your piping bag before you fill it with the meringue mixture. (You can use a bottle to put the piping bag on it while your apply the colour.) Enjoy the summer – it has only just begun!


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